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Shin-Nihon Public Affairs Co., Ltd.,

Public Policy Advocacy Services

Many global companies and/or trade associations have recognized the need to know about changes in Japan that could affect their business. Some have taken a step further by sending an executive to Japan to open public affairs office to facilitate relationship building and information gathering. However, having such kind of function is costly, and gaining insight into the process and important players can be difficult. SNPA provides a variety of services to foreign and domestic companies on a range of issues that can be classified into three areas:

Ⅰ.Monitoring by Policy Wonk
Ⅱ.Regulatory Advisory Services
Ⅲ.Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy Services

At a conclusion of our services you will have an in-depth understanding of the legislative and regulatory processes, will be able to analyze the information and interpret the implications.

This comprehensive service is customized to client's needs and special interest. You will be much more productive with the extensive assistance provided by our experts, former regulators and legislative staffers who maintain contacts in Kasumigaseki & Nagatacho that would be difficult and extremely costly to duplicate elsewhere.

Ⅰ. Monitoring by Policy Wonk

While much change in private sector is market driven, public policy plays a critical role in influencing the shape and direction of much change. To successfully negotiate this environment, you must keep a watch on the actions of public policymakers. Companies considering the establishment or expansion or investments in Japan, must pay attention to developments in the Diet, the administration, regulatory agencies, and courts-developments that could impact your business.

We offer a customized package of monitoring, reporting, and analytical services, specially tailored to the needs and budget of each client. These include:

  • A)Detailed monitoring and reporting on particular industry issues, legislation, and regulations, including substantive and political analysis.
  • B)Special reports or opinion surveys on key topics as requested by the client.
  • C)Analysis of bills and committee actions.

Ⅱ. Regulatory Advisory Services

After years of deregulation, many industries are experiencing increased regulation and supervision to safety, privacy and other soundness issues, which can be highlighted by the General Data Protection Regulation by EU or the antitrust consideration by the Department of Justice, U.S., over the online platform mega-firms.

Generally, global firms wishing to do business in Japan are subject to the same rules and requirements as domestic organizations under the Japan's policy of "national treatment." Non-Japanese organizations must adhere to the same restrictions and regulatory oversight as Japanese organizations.

We provide comprehensive regulatory advisory services, including:

  • A)Preparing regulatory applications to the authorities to gain permission to form and expand business.
  • B)Analyzing companies' activities to determine whether regulatory requirements have been met.
  • C)Assisting companies wishing to increase or change the agencies' understanding of economic significance of various policy decisions.
  • D)Providing information to organizations concerning Japan' regulations and requirements for doing business in Japan.

Ⅲ. Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy Services

We are often asked by clients to do background papers, studies, and summaries of major public policy issues to help them plan for future and participate in public policy discussions. This work is usually an adjunct to our monitoring, reporting, and analysis services. Our assistance is sought by companies and/or trade associations to help them respond to a specific public policy issues that affect them. We assist in identifying the critical elements for discussion, the business and political "sacred cows," and the points on which consensus are likely to be reached.

Also, our professional staff will provide introductions to key policy makers in the Diet, in the Administration, and in the regulatory agencies. The Japan's public policy community will be a key focus of personal contacts. By establishing a personal relationship with those individuals, you will open channels of direct communication that can be called upon as needed to understand the dynamics of change, to express your views, and to influence decisions.